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Find hardwood floor cleaning in Orange County, CA

Keep that gorgeous hardwood polished and beautiful for decades. The flooring contractors at M.O.B.S. Floor Care will screen your floor, clean it and apply an acrylic coating to keep it bright and shiny. Our light restorations help you maintain your beautiful flooring for years without the need for shelling out the money for more intensive restoration services.

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3 suggestions for maintaining your hardwood floors

Your hardwood floors should stay beautiful for a long time. Here are three tips to make sure they do:

  1. Take off your heels and keep your pet’s nails trimmed. Spiky heels and pet scratches can cause damage that’s difficult to repair.
  2. Clean spills immediately to avoid waterlogging your hardwood.
  3. Hire floor care professionals to sand and buff your wood floors every few years.

When your floors need a little sprucing up, trust the pros at M.O.B.S. Floor Care to restore their shine and luster ASAP.