Soft, Fluffy and Perfectly Clean Carpets for Maximum Comfort


Your beautiful carpets attract dirt, grime and pet hair. In order to keep them looking great and feeling nice and soft, you need to clean them regularly. Vacuuming can only do so much – you need to call in the pros to get to the root of the problem. Hire M.O.B.S. Floor Care to deep clean your carpets, and banish dirt and grime.

Professional carpet deep cleaning will do the trick

Professional carpet deep cleaning will do the trick

Have your carpet or rug cleaned with encapsulated carpet cleaning, sought after for the low moisture application. Moisture is very limited meaning that your carpets will be dry before your guests arrive, typically within a few hours. Most companies only offer one service, but we give you three. Our carpet cleaners will:

  • Shampoo your carpets using eco-friendly shampoo
  • Offer rotary steam cleaning using a Rotovac 360
  • Maintain your carpets using low moisture bonnet cleaning. Low moisture bonnet cleaning is an exceptional cleaning application for those that like to keep their carpets cleaned year round and is a staple in commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Rotary steam extraction is the best method out there to restore your carpets to as clean as they day they were installed. With the Rotovac 360, our rotary steam cleaning approach is superior to all others.

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